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Aquatic Canal Cleaners offer the perfect solution to nuisance aquatic vegetation in deep water canals. Outfitted with a plow that is lowered off the stern and dragged along the channel bottom, Aquatic Canal Cleaners rip vegetation loose at the roots.

Weed Tow Boats have a very low profile and narrow width, making it highly maneuverable in tight confines with overhead obstructions.

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Eco Friendly

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Shallow Draft

Aquatic Canal Cleaner Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression

Aquatic Canal Cleaner Lockable Compartments

Lockable Compartments

Aquatic Canal Cleaner Cooling Fan

Cooling Fan

Aquatic Canal Cleaner Features

Consistency and stability with the Aquatic Canal Cleaner.

The Aquatic Canal Cleaner has been designed to offer dependable results every time you jump in the captain's chair. Lowering the deep channel plow to the canal floor is a smooth and simple process. The boat does the work for you. Severed weeds quickly float to the surface where they are scooped up in the front end loader, then deposited onshore for disposal.

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