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Transport Barges are used on larger waterways to shuttle weed loads to shore, increasing the efficiency of a harvesting program by up to 90%. Equipped with high-speed hulls and a choice of propulsion systems, Transport Barges optimize the material handling process. Weed loads are conveyed from the harvester into the shuttle barge, freeing the cutter to immediately resume work while the Transport ferries the vegetation to shore.

Stainless Hydraulic Lines

Safe Access Ladders

EZ Clean Barge

Coupler Catwalk

Shallow Draft

Eco Friendly

Hand Crafted

High Efficiency

Service Platform

Aquatic Transport Barge Features

Never miss a beat or a weed with an Aquatic Transport Barge.

Aquarius Systems offer a range of options and customizations to your Aquatic Transport Barge. Base models include a choice of four different propulsion systems to power the Transport at a variety of speeds including Twin Hydraulic Propellers, Inboard Marine Engines, Outboard Engines, or Dual Paddle Wheels.

Depending on your harvesting needs, we will work with you to design a fully customized transport barge for your application.

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