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Aquatic Weed Harvester Unloading
The Department of Natural Resources has completed a Strategic Analysis of Aquatic Plant Management (APM) in Wisconsin, summarizing current information on APM and potential management alternatives. The Strategic Analysis report [PDF] will help inform decision-makers and the public about this topic and aid in the development of future APM policy. While aquatic plants are a
Aquatic Plant Harvester Removing Weeds
Excessive and dense vegetation is a common fish management concern in Wisconsin Lakes. Although weed harvesting is typically focused on recreational improvements little consideration was given to the consequences on fishes. That is until a study was performed to determine how close-cut harvesting can be used as a whole-lake fish management program. A conventional weed
Wild Water Celery
The Iowa Great Lakes are seeing an increase in aquatic plants this season. Mike Hawkins, a Fisheries Biologist with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says those include native aquatic plant species such as coontail, sago pondweed and wild water celery, to name a few, which are extremely beneficial to a lake’s ecosystem. While it
Curly-Leaf Pondweed
According to Nick Brown, DNR invasive species specialist, herbicides used to treat curly-leaf pondweed on Minnesota lakes may not lead to improvements in water quality. Curly-leaf pondweed is an invasive plant found throughout much of Minnesota. The plant grows slowly throughout the winter under the ice, but once the ice has left the lake the

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