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Offloading Conveyors serve the Weed Harvesters, Transports, and Trash Hunters as an unloading link between land and water. The harvested weeds and trash are emptied into the Shore Conveyor or Pier Conveyor, which elevates the load up into a waiting dump truck or dumpster for disposal.

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From shore or seawall our conveyors move weeds

The Shore Conveyor is easily pulled by a full-sized pickup truck and is designed to be positioned at the waters edge. The Aquarius Shore Conveyors utilize heavy-duty drag-angles to prevent weeds from sliding down and back into the water.

The Pier Conveyor is specially designed to be positioned over a seawall or embankment. The Pier Conveyor is transported in a horizontal mode, then hydraulically tilted up into position. It features a flotation tank at the input end that allows the conveyor to “bob” in the water. A self-contained hydraulic system with a gasoline engine powers the conveyor and the tilting functions. An optional diesel engine is also available.

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