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Aquarius Systems trailers and haulers are engineered and built to serve as the safest and most dependable transportation, launch, retrieval, and storage solution for the life of your equipment. Many of our trailers serve a dual purpose offering hauling, storage, and working options.  Hookup and haul worry-free as each of our trailers are manufactured using heavy-duty carbon steel to pull heavy equipment.

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Aquarius Systems trailers are built for muli-purpose work

Standard Hauling Trailers

Standard Trailers haul equipment between work sites. Launch and retrieve your vessel with ease. All of our standard trailers are designed and engineered to keep your equipment balanced and secure whether your on highway or on the boat ramp.

Tilt Deck Trailers

Tilt Deck Trailers not only tow equipment but also feature our exclusive hydraulic tilt bed design. These trailers are great for launching and retrieving in exceptionally shallow situations.

Conveyor Trailers

Trailer Conveyors serve all the functions of a standard trailer and double as an offloading conveyor as well. Built to manage larger equipment, these trailers are the safest most dependable solution to hauling and launching heavy equipment in shallow and deep water situations.

Tilt Deck Trailer Conveyors

The Tilt Deck Trailer Conveyor is the ultimate multi-purpose equipment trailer. A double deck design allows the top deck of the trailer to be used for equipment transportation while the lower deck is equipped with a conveyor bed to serve as the offloading and hauling function both weeds and debris.

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