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Friday, May 06 2022 / Published in News
Mechanical harvester unloading cut weeds
The City of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, has four marinas with a lot of yachts and people spending their summers on the boats. The water level in the bay is down a foot from what it was last year, and it is predicted there will be more problems with weed growth. The city applies for a
Tuesday, April 19 2022 / Published in aquatic weed harvester, News
Aquarius Systems Large Weed Harvester
Chautauqua Lake Association performed a study focused on weed harvesting. People believe that the harvesting operation loses a lot of plant material and critics of mechanical harvesting say crews don’t collect enough of the plant material that they cut, leaving behind floaters. After operating the weed harvester, reliable data collected shows that the harvesters leave
Thursday, April 14 2022 / Published in aquatic plants, News, Uncategorized
Dense Stand of Phragmites
Forty-one towns in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, Brazil were affected when the Fundão iron mine tailings dam in Mariana, Minas Gerais state (Southeast Brazil) burst on November 5, 2015, and 19 people died. The toxic waste is estimated to have contaminated 240.8 hectares of Atlantic Rainforest and killed 14 metric tons of fish. Brazilian
Tuesday, March 29 2022 / Published in News, water pollution
Wetland Habitat
A half century after the passage of the federal Clean Water Act, 50% of U.S. river and stream miles are so polluted that they are classified as “impaired.” Not only are these waterways impaired, but so are 55% of lakes, ponds and reservoirs and 25% of bays, estuaries and harbors. This means that none of

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