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Plastic makes up 75% of the floating debris in rivers.
Although many people might think oceanside cities bear the responsibility to keep plastic and trash out of the water, the Mississippi River can act as a funnel for that trash from the heart of the country to the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River drains more than 40% of the continental U.S. – just how
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Trash Hunter Collecting Mandmade Debris
Oceans are filled with millions of tons of plastic. A 2021 study estimated that 80% of it was carried there by rivers. While many ocean-cleaning efforts have focused on trash that’s already made it to the high seas, river cleanups offer a way to intervene sooner. When a plastic bag is swept down a storm
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Natural Shorelines Help Filter Pollutants
The City of Cape Canaveral, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Stetson University, along with city and county partners are working on a solution to help stop flooding and improve water quality in Cape Canaveral. Researchers say plans include designing and building special channels called bioswales that to redirect stormwater that would cause flooding. Native, water-friendly plants
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Aquatic Invasive Species Flowering Rush
Lake Pend Oreille’s noxious weed problem has worsened over the past six years, as blooms of invasive Butomus umbellatus, or flowering rush, have joined Eurasian milfoil to clog area waterways. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers enacted targeted herbicide treatments at portions of waterways to control most of the flowering rush. According to the Corps,

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