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Friday, March 18 2022 / Published in News
Aquatic Invasive Plant Hydrilla
In a study recently published in the journal, “Aquatic Toxicology,” researchers found that while concentrations of the herbicide fluridone similar to those used when it’s applied to lakes to control Eurasian watermilfoil and hydrilla can have major impacts on fish reproduction. A research team with the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at the University
Friday, March 18 2022 / Published in News
Aquatic Trash Skimmer in Venice
While the true solution to curb the pollution problem lies in several areas such reducing the single-use plastic items as well as better recycling programs. However, Aquarius Systems does offer a Solution to the Pollution that plagues rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other waterways; it is an Aquatic Trash Skimmer. Marine debris is not a new
Tuesday, February 22 2022 / Published in News
Chemicals in Plastic Leach into Fish
A toxic chemical commonly used in plastic products could soon be banned under international law following landmark UN recommendations that pave the way for stricter rules on microplastic and other plastic pollution. Tight new regulations are being proposed for UV-328, a chemical added to plastic food packaging, sunscreen, and other plastic products to prevent it
Wednesday, February 16 2022 / Published in News
Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking some innovative, and perhaps unusual, steps to keep Asian carp (the silver and bighead carp in particular) from infesting the Great Lakes. In the next several years several layers of protection will be used to thwart the arrival of the carp by way of the Chicago-area rivers

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