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Aquatic Trash Skimmer in the Water
Tampa’s “Litter Skimmer” trash boat is celebrating one year on the water. The boat operates eight hours a day, four days per week, picking up floating trash along the Hillsborough River, Davis Islands, and the Bay. The Litter Skimmer launched last year as part of the “Keep It Clean, Tampa” initiative. Since it’s inception, the
Mechanical harvester in Townsville Australia
Weeds on the Ross River have a new predator in town as Council launches its brand new 6.5 tonne weed harvester to combat invasive species in the waterway. The aquatic weed harvester arrived in Townsville, Queensland, Australia from Aquarius Systems in the United States to replace Council’s older retiring harvester. The new model includes stainless
Triploid Grass Carp
At 8.4 square miles, Candlewood Lake in Western Connecticut is the largest lake in the state. It is a popular year-round tourist destination, and the area is home to many second homes of New York City residents. The lake has an ongoing problem with the growth of eelgrass and Eurasian milfoil in the shallower areas. 
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Aquatic Debris Skimmer in Milwaukee Wisconsin
BEST PRACTICES IN WATERWAY TRASH SKIMMING / TRASH REMOVAL SUMMIT Thursday, September 21st, 2023 $120 per person North Prairie, Wisconsin Environmental trends have placed greater awareness (rightfully so) on clean water and waterways. There are various tools and techniques that have gained popularity. Join us to hear best practices and insights about owning and operating

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