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Friday, October 16 2020 / Published in News
Quagga Mussels
According to the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the invasive quagga mussel is primed to make a comeback despite years of slowed growth. The reason? Quaggas can be spread by watercraft, and recent boat sales data from the National Marine Manufacturers Association shows that sales are robust. More vessels are filling state lakes, rivers, reservoirs
Sunday, October 11 2020 / Published in News
Floating Litter
Ocean Conservancy released the results of the 2019 International Coastal Clean-up, revealing that for the first time in ICC history, cigarette butts were displaced as the number-one-reported debris item along beaches and waterways worldwide. Instead, food wrappers topped the list, with 943,195 volunteers removing a record 4,771,602 food wrappers in a single day. Food wrappers
Friday, July 31 2020 / Published in News
Chicago Botanic Garden
Common practice is to remove river plants to prevent the slowing of the water flow and to prevent flooding during high rainfall events, but according to one research scientist the vegetation can act as a natural buffer. She believes that the plant removal not only threatens the a naturally balanced water level but threatens a
Monday, January 13 2020 / Published in News
Natural Shoreline Buffer
High water levels leading to eroding shorelines have been front-page news in recent months. Shoreline erosion is a concern for Michigan property owners with homes located on one of our Great Lakes or on an inland lake. While we can’t control how Mother Nature effects our water levels there are steps that property owners can

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