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Spreading Salt on Snow Covered Roadways
Salt in water sources becoming worrisome in D.C. region, experts warn By Antonio Olivo August 8, 2022 at 6:00 a.m. EDT The Washington region is growing — a metropolis of nearly 6 million people where area officials are pressing to build another 320,000 homes by the end of this decade. And with that growth comes
Seagrasses can form dense underwater meadows.
Climate change affects creatures around the world. But land animals may have a slight advantage over marine species in running from the ill effects of global warming: the ability to escape. The oceans absorb the majority of the excess heat. Because they distribute the heat widely, ocean temperature gains are subtle.  But, even a small
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Aquatic Trash Skimmer in the Water
Mayor Jane Castor christened Tampa’s newest addition Saturday morning with the ceremonial breaking of a champagne bottle across the boat’s bow. Named the “Litter Skimmer,” this Aquatic Trash Skimmer will remove marine debris from the waterways in the City of Tampa as part of the Mayors “Keep it Clean, Tampa” initiative. This custom debris skimmer
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Dead Fish Floating on Water Along the Shoreline
Following reports of hundreds of dead fish floating in Bayou Rouge in Cottonport, Louisiana, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) conducted an investigation to find out what caused the fish kill. Officials determined that that fish died from a low dissolved oxygen level in the water, basically suffocating the fish. The low dissolved

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