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The powerful Swamp Devil® Aquatic Vegetation Cutter is the ultimate restoration tool for controlling densely matted aquatic vegetation. This heavy-duty shredder is the much-improved successor to the Cookie Cutter produced in the 1970s.  It will effortlessly plow through bogs, water hyacinth, cattails, small trees, tulle, tussocks, and other stubborn growth that cannot be managed with traditional harvesting equipment.

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Aquatic Vegetation Shredder Features

The Aquatic Vegetation Shredder cuts right through.

As easily as it bulldozes dense aquatic growth, the AVC-101 Aquatic Vegetation Shredder also carves through the subsoil creating an open water channel. This extraordinary capability allows the Aquatic Vegetation Shredder to easily maneuver in shallow environments.

The Aquatic Vegetation Cutter, also known as the Swamp Devil®, is useful for opening irrigation and drainage ditches, cutting channels, restoring wetland areas, and reclamation of a variety of other inhospitable marshy aquatic areas.

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