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Aquatic Weed Harvesters offer an environmentally sound method of controlling excessive aquatic plant growth and nuisance vegetation in waterways of all sizes. These heavy-duty workboats are highly efficient in the management of submerged, emergent, and free-floating aquatic vegetation.

Like an underwater lawnmower, an aquatic weed harvester cuts the vegetation, collecting and storing the weeds on board. One horizontal and two vertical cutter bars sever the vegetation as the machine moves forward through the water. When the storage hold becomes full, the weed harvester returns to shore to unload.

Stainless Steel Hydraulic Lines Icon

Stainless Hydraulic Lines

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Centralized Grease System

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Dual Impact Protection

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Safe Access Ladder

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EZ Clean Barge

High-Grade Stainless Steel

High-Grade Stainless Steel

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Eco Friendly

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Hand Crafted

Optimized Storage Container

Optimized Storage Container

Aquatic Weed Harvester Features

Get the job done right with an Aquarius Aquatic Weed Harvester

Many of our mechanical weed harvesters are customized to match the needs of your lake. A variety of models are available at stock sizes ranging between 4' (1.21 m) and 11' (3.35 m) cutting swaths.

Depending on the size of your lake, the type of vegetation, the percentage of weed cover you would like to remove, and the type of water body, we will work with you to design a fully customizable weed harvester to meet your exact needs.


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