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Friday, December 10 2021 / Published in News, Uncategorized
Global Water Center, Milwaukee Wisconsin
It goes without saying that naval officers are interested in water. But officers from around the world got a brand-new view of water issues and solutions during a visit to the Global Water Center in Milwaukee. The visit was part of the Naval Staff College professional development program at the U.S. Naval War College in
Thursday, December 02 2021 / Published in News
Helicopter Spraying Chemicals
The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the endocrine-disrupting pesticide atrazine and cancer-linked pesticide glyphosate are each likely to harm more than 1,000 of the nation’s most endangered plants and animals. These chemical poisons are causing severe harm to imperiled wildlife since U.S. use exceeds 70 million pounds of atrazine and 300 million pounds of
Thursday, December 02 2021 / Published in News
Aquatic Invasive Species Starry Stonewort
Starry stonewort was first discovered in Minnesota waters in Lake Koronis in 2015. It’s now found in 19 Minnesota waterbodies. Lake Koronis is helping researchers understand how a changing climate may influence this invasive and how we can better manage it. Overall, the research showed year-to-year variability in the total biomass of starry stonewort. There
Tuesday, November 23 2021 / Published in News
Aquatic Invasive Species Water Hyacinth
Environmentalists and activists from the city on Pune, India have urged the Central Pollution Control Board and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board to ban the use of glyphosate for use on water hyacinth in water bodies due to its dangerous impact on human health and aquatic life. Glyphosate has been linked to probable carcinogenicity, endocrine disruption,

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