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Aquatic Trash Skimmer in Venice
While the true solution to curb the pollution problem lies in several areas such reducing the single-use plastic items as well as better recycling programs. However, Aquarius Systems does offer a Solution to the Pollution that plagues rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and other waterways; it is an Aquatic Trash Skimmer. Marine debris is not a new
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Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is taking some innovative, and perhaps unusual, steps to keep Asian carp (the silver and bighead carp in particular) from infesting the Great Lakes. In the next several years several layers of protection will be used to thwart the arrival of the carp by way of the Chicago-area rivers
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Ducks and Duckweed
Heron Lake in far southwestern Minnesota was once considered one of North America’s most productive waterfowl lakes and in an effort return the lake into a productive waterfowl rest stop, the DNR has once again revamped their management plant. The DNR will systematically be adding predatory fish to sharpen the attack against the destructive carp,
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Birds on water hyacinth filled shoreline.
The percentage of water birds at the Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve in Assam declined by 28.61% in one year. KNP & TR Director said that the decrease in the number of water birds was due to the accumulation of water hyacinth in Rowmari wetland under the Laokhowa wildlife sanctuary. The national park is

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