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Tuesday, October 19 2021 / Published in News
Algae Virus Found in Humans
The source of troublesome lake algae is not always clear, but an interdisciplinary research project with two Michigan State University researchers found an answer may include colder groundwater that feeds some inland lakes. This finding could help predict the formation of harmful algal blooms to mitigate their impact on drinking water, tourism, fishing and fish
Tuesday, October 12 2021 / Published in News
Helicopter Spraying Chemicals
New research out of McGill University in Montreal suggests there is cause for concern regarding the effects of the herbicide glyphosate being sprayed on land near waterways. The new studies found glyphosate puts freshwater ecosystems at risk even when its application meets approved guidelines. “And what we found is … glyphosate concentrations as low as
Wednesday, September 29 2021 / Published in News
Triploid Grass Carp
The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is planning to add 100 artificial and natural structures at 37 sites to provide additional fishing areas for the angling public at the Tuckertown Reservoir.  These fish attractors are intended to help offset the loss of aquatic vegetation in the presence of sterile grass carp. Sterile grass carp are a practical
Friday, July 31 2020 / Published in News
Chicago Botanic Garden
Common practice is to remove river plants to prevent the slowing of the water flow and to prevent flooding during high rainfall events, but according to one research scientist the vegetation can act as a natural buffer. She believes that the plant removal not only threatens the a naturally balanced water level but threatens a

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