Global Responsibility

To protect our planet for generations to come, Aquarius Systems is committed to reducing our energy consumption and waste.

As the leading supplier of equipment to improve and restore lakes and waterways to a clean and usable condition, we are in the unique position to make a difference to prioritize sustainability in our products and manufacturing processes.


  • Each office/cubicle as well as common areas such as the breakroom and conference rooms have both a trash and a recycling bin.
  • Aquarius Systems has a monthly service to dispose of papers that contain confidential or proprietary information where it is shredded and recycled.
  • Documents that are necessary to print are double sided and if they do not contain confidential information, will be used as scratch paper when they are no longer needed.
  • All ink cartridges, from our small desktop printers to the work center and plotter, are recycled.
  • To encourage employees to reduce the use of plastic water bottles and disposable cups, several water coolers are placed throughout the building and employees are provided with reusable travel mugs.
  • All outdated or broken electronics are stored on site until the bin is full, then Aquarius Systems calls in an electronics and disposal service.
  • Tool batteries, mouse batteries and old equipment batteries are saved and recycled.
  • All metal scraps and electrical wire is separated and recycled.
  • Waste oil is saved and collected by a service that transforms it into other usable products.


  • Scrap lumber is saved to create packing crates and used for trucking purposes as needed.
  • Used pallets are returned to vendors as requested. Nonreturnable pallets are left outside for anyone to take.
  • Manufacturing can be a dirty business and rather than purchasing paper shop towels, Aquarius Systems utilizes a service to provide us shop rags.
  • Incoming shipping boxes and packing material is saved and reused to ship parts to our customers.
  • Oil and coolant are purchased in bulk and steel oil drums are returned to our vendors when empty.


  • Restroom and breakroom sink all utilize low-flow faucets.
  • Aquarius Systems reuses water from the dehumidifier to water our plants and outdoor flowers.
  • A foot operated multi-use hand washing station is installed in the shop allowing for multiple employees to wash at the same time.


  • Our offices are located on two levels, each with a separate heat and a/c unit and programmable thermostats.
  • Offices, restrooms, breakrooms, parts room, and conference rooms all feature Philips Energy Advantage T8 lamps.
  • Infrared heaters are placed in various work zones to provide spot heating in areas where employees are stationed.

Aquarius Systems builds equipment that often lasts 20+ years and at the end of its life 99% of the equipment is recyclable.

  • Drain all oil and take to a local recycling center
  • Recycle battery
  • Remove and recycle all copper wire
  • Flexible rubber hose to be removed and disposed of with the trash
  • Remaining components can be disassembled and taken to a local recycling center